Improve Your Kids’ Wellness


We know as parents how tough it is when our young ones get sick, they don’t sleep, don’t eat and it can be very stressful. However, there are some things that you can do to ensure that you boost your kids wellness. They include the following:

Throw some salt in the tub

Many people including children are magnesium deficient due to soil and water level depletions. To supplement magnesium to children, add a handful of Epsom salt and a tablespoon of sea salt to their bath. Doing that will actually boost their magnesium level and even help them relax well.

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Effective parenting tips


Being a parent is definitely one of the most fulfilling events in our lives. However, at times it can also be challenging. A common mistake that most parents make is to believe that in order to be good parents, they must be controlling to their kids. However, from our experience as parents, we have noted that parenting methods that are less coercive result in better disciplinary outcomes for the children. If you really want to control your child, you will need to do it over time and it should be more of an influential control rather than a physical one. In other words, you influence the child to behave better while teaching them a wide range of parenting skills and building their self-esteem.

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Real Talk About Raising Kids

Alert! Raising kids is amazing and it is also a lot of work! Oh yea, did I mention expensive as well?

Is this scary? We don’t think so but we like to be super honest with our readers.

Before we had children we would talk about having a child as though it was going to easy and simple. 100% fun, 100% of the time!

I think we can place a bit of the blame on society for this. If you look around in all the parenting magazines everyone is happy, beautiful and smiling all of the time. Why wouldn’t they be? This is a great way to sell products, right? Of course it is.

If you really want the truth about raising kids (whether it is one or multiples) ask your parents. Hopefully you have the type of relationship with them where they can be fully transparent and honest with you. Another great resource is friends who have children. Asking people who are in the “trenches” and actively raising a family can be a great resource for any and all questions.

From our perspective, parenting is great AND fun but it is also a lot of work!

Gone forever are the days of solely worrying about yourself or your spouse. Now there is another human being in the mix and that little guy or gal relies solely on you for survival! We look at it as a challenge and we gladly accepted the challenge.

We both admit we didn’t like the ‘sleep deprivation’ but honestly I haven’t run across one couple that did. Who in their right mind would say “dang, I love not sleeping!” Ha!

Sleep is so precious. Trust me on this one. You will realize this once you have a baby.

Another thing that used to feel infinite but is now finite is, time. It’s amazing how the amount of ‘me’ time changes once you have a child. Who would have thought a child would take up so much time? Logically it makes complete sense but I don’t think people fully realize just how much time is required to raise a competent child

This has been a huge lesson (i.e. gift) in selflessness for us. You read that right. I used the word gift because it has been a gift for both of us to learn to focus more on someone else rather than on me, me, me.

The one last thing we didn’t realize is the amount of money it would take to raise a child. It’s not cheap folks! In fact the statistics show the average cost to raise a child from birth to age 18 is over $240,000. I guess this has taught us that we don’t “need” as much as we thought we did. Those ‘needs’ were actually ‘wants’ and we have quickly come to realize that we want less. Ha!

I think it really helps to keep a light and fun attitude about all of this. That is definitely a huge lesson my husband and I have both learned through all of this!

Life is too short not to laugh and be happy. Money is just money. We can earn more of it and have a blast in the meantime.

Regarding money, we have learned to get creative regarding our budget and grocery shopping. We love eating healthy. We also feel like eating healthy and taking care of our bodies helps ensure that we will be able to be active with our child. In my mind there is nothing worse than being one of those old and unhealthy parents that can’t play ball with their kids.

One thing that has really helped us stay healthy and keep us on our new budget (yea, we didn’t have to have a budget before,) is Isagenix. The nutritionthat we are able to get from the Isagenix product line keeps us healthy and fit and the cost of the Isagenix products is really amazing.

All in all, we LOVE raising our child. The whole experience has been a blessing and has taught us so much about life. We both feel that is has brought us closer as a couple. It has also helped us learn to value the things that are truly important in life.

This doesn’t mean it’s always lollipops and sugar plums by any case. What it does mean for us is that the rewards far outweigh any negatives and we are taking it one day at a time.

Maintaining a Healthy Diet for Your Kids

Just about every parent can say that raising a teenager can be a challenge. Rebellious outbreaks, antisocial behavior, problems in school, sibling rivalry. The list of challenges a teen may go through can be a long one. Every parent wants to be that perfect parent and raise a child with little to no imperfections. We all know it is near impossible, no one is perfect.

A lot of parents can agree on the fact that they want whats best for their children. As kids get into their teens it becomes a little more difficult to influence them. Making sure they are regularly brushing their teeth, cleaning up after themselves and doing well in school are a few top priorities. Healthy eating is in high demand nowadays and parents sometimes have trouble with keeping those teens on a good diet. I know when I was a teen, my parents couldn’t keep me out of the junk food.

The trick is finding something that’s fun and simple while still staying within a healthy food guideline. Cooking, eating, creating meals together can be a great way to build a relationship, and not only with your teenager but the family as a whole. A great and simple way to sneak in some healthy alternatives in your teenagers diet is to make a smoothie. Smoothies are quick and easy to make. You need a blender, some creativity and four simple ingredients. Fruit, dairy, veggie and ice or frozen fruit. Smoothies are also an eye catcher and are more likely to pass as a sweet treat instead of the healthy meal they truly are. That makes it a little simpler to introduce to a picky teenager.

A healthy smoothie is simple, just substitute processed sugar with naturally sweet fruits. Apples, pears, mango, pineapple are a few examples. Bananas are a great choice, cheap and abundant. How many times have you thrown out bananas because you did not eat them soon enough? Bananas are also a great substitute for ice. A fresh banana can easily be chopped up to freeze faster than it would be whole. If your lactose intolerant or looking for something a little less fatty, you can substitute milk for soy or even a low fat yogurt. When it comes to adding veggies to your smoothie, your best bet is to add it first with your dairy base and mix that before adding everything else. That way your not getting lovely chunks throughout your smoothie.

There are a few tips for making a great smoothie. First and most importanly, you will want to have a quality blender, like a Vitamix or a Blendtec. Start with a slow mix speed and gradually increase as you add each item. You always want to add the liquids first. If you favor ice in your smoothies its good to remember the more you add the thicker your smoothie will be. Green smoothies, ones made more of vegetables than anything else should be eaten immediately. The ingredients tend to clump up and float around at the top of the glass. Make sure you clean up your mess up immediately. Once the contents in the blender or empty cup dries up it hardens considerably and it makes it ten times more difficult to clean. Last thing you want to do is make this meal into an annoying experience. Make smoothies a weekly event and your soon to find yourself making interesting concoctions with your teenager.

How to Holiday with the Family

Holidays are supposed to be a relaxing time to de-stress from the tension of everyday life. However, that is often easier said than done when you have a family.

Holidays aren’t cheap, so it’s essential you identify the best destination for your family – because you don’t want to spend all that money for no-one to have a good time. Think about what you want out of a holiday, and locations that are practical.

The Tropical Destination
You might dream of lounging on a beach abroad, but is it the right location for all the family. As parents who have travelled to a tropical location with young babies, we can tell you firsthand that the plane ride is not easy. Your little ones most likely won’t like being stuck in one position for too long – especially if they’ve reached the age where they can walk or crawl. While the first hour or two might be plain sailing because they’re easily distracted, you can trust they’ll soon grow tired and irritable, and they won’t be afraid to let all the passengers know it.

However, if you decide to book a tropical holiday, do your homework. Are there plenty of things for the children to see and do so they won’t get bored? Will the temperatures be too hot for both them and you? Is there a hurricane season you need to be aware of so you don’t go during dangerous times.
Don’t forget, different countries offer different illnesses and diseases, so it is vital you visit your local GP to see what travel immunisations both your children, your partner and you may need. You might not need to take anything, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Holiday at Home
Therefore, consider holidaying a little closer to home – whether that may be. Book a hotel in Liverpool to explore the city, embark on a jam-packed week of activities if you’re a New York resident, or simply head off to the movies and McDonalds close to your home to keep the kids occupied whilst having fun as a family.

Free Activities
If booking a holiday isn’t a financial option for your family this year, not worry, there are plenty of free things you can all do as a family. Take the kids to a local museum for a fun and educational day out that will expand their mind. You could even take a trip to the local park for some fun on the swings, or have a delicious family picnic with food and drink from the home. Your kids don’t care about how much things cost – they just want to have some fun!

Remember: the key to a superb family holiday is to just enjoy each other’s company. It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, and there are just as many fun things you can do at home as you can abroad – you just have to read up on them.

The Best Parenting Tips for Smartphone Use

The world we live in today is drastically different than the world that existed just a few decades ago. For parents of children born in the digital age, the lessons and techniques needed to properly parent children in a way that is both safe and healthy is very different than the type of parenting needed back then. With the introduction of the internet, social networking and smartphones to mainstream audiences, it is as if we are living on an entirely new planet. These digital devices and tools have evolved our daily lives so much, that is has been necessary for us to develop new methods of parenting when it comes to the use of such technologically advanced devices. If you are currently raising digital children, and wish to know the best methods for ensuring your child’s safety and proper use of smartphone technology, we have a few tips and suggestions to help make the process easier.

If you wish to invest in a smartphone for your child, but do not want to spend a lot of money because you do not know how your child will respond to the device, you have a few affordable options. For example, you are capable of purchasing a refurbished or previously owned cell phone through an independent vendor who specialize in purchasing and refurbishing old smartphones. One parent decided to browse for cell phone buyers after realizing how many extra devices she’d collected over the years, and no longer uses. There are many websites such as that allow you to sell your cell phone and pre-owned technology. This allows parents to purchase the latest technology for their children, like tablets and smartphones, at a discounted rate. In addition, parents are capable of investing a reasonable amount of money into their child’s first smartphone device, so that if damage occurs, it is not too much of a loss.

It is advised that parents refrain from purchasing tablets or smartphones until their children have reached the age of 4 or 5. The primary reason this is advised is because children gain more knowledge from real world experiences before the age of 4, therefore it is best to ensure each child successfully acquires a complete physical interaction with his or her personal environment. Integration of the internet, tablets and smartphones into a child’s life before he or she is of age can prevent children from developing essential skills needed to fulfill responsibilities of everyday life. Introduction of a tablet into a child’s life when he or she typically starts preschool is the most optimal time to introduce a child to smartphone devices. Not only does it allow children to engage in a new and interactive manner, it helps familiarize children with a lot of the technology they’ll be exposed to in the classroom for the remainder of their lives.

Once you have purchased a smartphone for your child, it is advised that you exert balanced and healthy parental control and guidance, so that your child understands the appropriate way in which it should be used. You can do so by limiting the amount of time he or she is allowed to use the device. You are also capable of achieving this by following the philosophy of balanced exposure, providing your children with an opportunity to view or interact with more mature content with your supervision. Lastly, once you have introduced your child to smartphone technology, make an effort to help him or her discover fun and exciting educational applications that he or she enjoys. You need to make sure that they understand the impact of money as there have been many complaints of children making in app purchases. There are reports of kids purchasing drones for sale which can be found here, that are much too advanced for their age but look like fun toys. This will allow your child to use his or her smartphone in a manner that is secure, healthy and educational, ultimately resulting in making your child a more well-rounded person.

Why parents shouldn’t be too protective of their children?

There are many reasons to keep your children safe and right up under you so to speak. However, all parents know this is not the best way to raise children. While you may want for this to be the best option since all parents feel no one can protect their child quite like they can, it just isn’t.

There comes a time in every child’s life that the parents have no choice but to let go and hope they took the time to instil good character and judgement in their children to ensure they make the right choices. Of course no parent wants to think about this day but that only hurts the child in the end. Parents need to train the child in the direction they need to go.

In doing so parents also need to ensure their child is learning and making some choices (bad or good) on their own just to encourage their own decision making skills. Not only does this train the child to think for themselves but it also shows the parent how the child is thinking, if there needs to be corrections or if the child is headed in the right direction. Either way the parents need to know! It is better to fix a problem before it becomes a habit as bad habits are hard to break!

So when and how do you start this new experience and new thinking for your children and teenager. At what age do you allow them to experience with dangerous things? How do you feel giving your child a good folding knife or maybe allowing them to bungee jump on vacation or even wake-board in the summer? How do you let your children do these things while trying to keep them safe at the same time?

This is the part that most parents have concerns with. Most children want to do things that some parents have either never heard of or think that the whole idea is quite stupid. Now most parents also won’t admit to thinking their child’s idea is stupid but they do. There is nothing really wrong with that. Most parents either know or think they know the outcome which is why they think the idea is stupid. Not the child just the idea, there is a difference.

The parent thinks why you want to bungee jump when there is a possibility of the rope snapping and you’re falling to possibly your death. Why do you have to buy a pocket knife when you have a chance of hurting yourself? Parents tend to worry too much and come up with many imaginative scenarios. While the teenager thinks bungee jumping would be so thrilling! There is nothing wrong with either of these thought processes they are just very different. That is why it is so difficult for parents to allow their children to think for themselves in these instances.

There are many times when parent think that their fears are just a way of protecting their children. The problem is that they cannot keep protecting them forever or helping them to make the right choices. Children and teenager one day will grow up and they need expand their thought process and experiences on their own. Parents shouldn’t be too protective of their children like they are plants in a protected green house. Or else when the child gets older he will be too delicate to task risks in life.

While you don’t really want to tell them they will die if they try it, you can enlighten them of the dangers or consequences and allow them to make an informed decision rather than a decision based on it looks fun! While there is no right or wrong way to parenting it is a very difficult task. The only thing you can really do is love your children beyond belief and do the best you can with what life throws at you. Sometimes it is rough, but it is guaranteed to always be an amazing ride!

Curious Parents Look To Manage Dandruff

Many curious parents like us are always looking for information that can help our children stay healthy. 

Recently, a mother asked me how she could cure the dry scalp on her child. She said that her child’s hair is tangled and the scalp is dry and scaly. Instantly I thought Dandruff. 

Dandruff is one problem that has haunted many parents. It peaks in adolescence and then declines again in the adulthood. Generally, Dandruff should be harmless and does not cause any discomfort to the child. However, if it bothers you, here are some of the natural remedies that are known to work well against dandruff.

Here are Some Direct Cures

Tea tree oil

One study discovered that shampoos with just 5 percent of tea tree oil  could significantly reduce the dandruff on your child’s scalp. You can even put in a few drops of tea tree oil to the shampoo you already use and wash normally.

Baking soda

Baking soda is known to reduce overactive fungus that causes dandruff. Your child’s hair might get dry initially, but after continuously using it for few weeks, your scalp will start producing natural oils that keep your hair softer and free from flakes. Baking soda can be easily found in the supermarket

Apple Cider Vinegar

Many parents swear by apple cider vinegar as the treatment for child dandruff. The acidic content in apple cider vinegar alters the pH of the scalp, making it difficult for any kind of yeast to grow.

Here Are Some Preventions

Hempseed Oil

Hemp seed oil is abundant in essential fatty acids (EFAs), including omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids. Hemp is so full of essential fatty acids that a spoonful of hemp seed oil gives your child enough fatty acids for the day. The shortage of EFA’s is among the most common reasons behind dandruff. 

Consumption of hemp seed oil internally should remedy EFA deficiency, while using it locally on the scalp may have a soothing and moisturizing effect. Generally found at the Drugstore otherwise, you could make your own here

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a wonderful addition to any home where home remedies are used all the time. You can plant one or two if the climate in your area permits. Otherwise, you can find this product in mostly gel form at many health stores or the budget conscious, can also make your own, it’s relatively easy. Aloe Vera gel can be applied to the skin which will help keep their skin free of infections.
Avocado Juice

Avocado’s are among the best things your child’s hair can get. They are abundant in vitamin A and antioxidants. In addition, they make your child’s hair stronger, healthy and free from dandruff. Here’s a recipe we use for an avocado hair mask that could also work for your child.

This hair mask contains raw honey and coconut oil. Coconut oil is used instead of olive oil because it contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that are good for children who have other scalp related problems. 

Avocado Hair Mask


3 tablespoons coconut oil

2 table spoon honey

Juice of 1 ripe avocado

Add the coconut oil and honey to the juice of 1 ripe avocado and apply it to your child’s scalp. Rinse it out with warm water after 45 minutes.


In case there is excessive scratching in the child’s scalp, you should consult a good doctor immediately. A doctor is an expert that can better assess the problem. He could advise a shampoo that can be best for the specific case of your child.

In addition to that, always remember that healthy food could play a vital role in your child’s dandruff management

How a Romantic Break can Benefit Parent Life

No-one ever said that bringing children up was easy. Becoming a parent is undoubtedly the hardest job you will ever do, and parents can often end up blaming each other when tensions reach a high in the home.

It’s so easy to become absorbed into a routine when you have a child, as there’s so much to do in such a short space of time. Between all the nappy changing, feeding, play and bath-time, all you probably want to do once the little one is in bed is sleep or watch some TV – which means you don’t pay much attention to each other.

Take a Break
We’re all guilty of not paying our partner enough attention from time to time, as work and home life can often get in the way of our relationships. However, it is essential we take a break from the routine of life every now and then to make our soul mate feel a little special.

Not only will a break from habit benefit your relationship, but it will have a big impact on your home life, as you’ll both realise how much you value each other. It’s essential you’re both act as a support system for each other, as this will not only help ease home-life, but it will prevent you from undermining each other in front of your child.

Don’t Ring Home Too Often
Ring up a trusted family member and ask if they can babysit for one night, a weekend, or maybe even a week if you really trust them. We booked a trip to a luxury Titanic hotel not so long ago, which allowed us to just spend some quality time with each other without any interference. It provided us with the opportunity to talk about our goals, any problems and just to have some general fun with each other.

We also introduced a check-in-at-home shift, which meant that each one of us could only ring home once per day. For example, one would ring in the morning, and the other in the night. That way we weren’t spending all our time thinking about our little one, as the weekend was about spending time with each other. If we were needed urgently then our babysitter would ring, so just keep your phone handy, but not stuck in your hand.

While we know you’ll never be able to completely switch off – you must try to at least have a break from home life to feel more of a person than just parent. Go and stay in a fancy hotel, book a nice restaurant for the two of you, enjoy a spa day together or maybe even just take a trip to the cinema to catch a new film. Just go out and enjoy each other’s company – as the key to a successful relationship is actually having one.

Make some time for each, and you’ll continue to make progress both in your marriage and in the home.

Teaching Your Teenager Responsibility

We have found that one of the most important things to teach your child from a young age is responsibility. The straight up definition of responsibility is: “state or fact of being to blame or accountable for something”. So if your kid throws a toy across the room and the toy breaks you must make sure the child knows that it was their action that caused the toy to break. They are accountable for it breaking. You must not immediately replace that toy because then the child doesn’t feel the repercussion of their action and will not learn to not throw their toys. This type of reinforcement from a young age causes the child to have responsibility as they become older and become in control of much larger “toys” such as when they start driving. In this article we’d like to talk about some tips and guidelines to ensure your teenager learns the responsibilities required for adulthood, and we’d like to use driving and owning a car as an example.

Cleaning and Taking Care of the Car

Our teenager is 14. Not able to drive yet but old enough to know that it’s only a matter of time. I have made a deal with him that if he can prove he can take care of a car (by taking care of mine) then I will allow him the privilege of borrowing our car when he does get his license. Now this may seem like an obvious thing but it is quite hard to convince him to clean my car 2 years before he will receive the “prize” of getting to drive. So here’s some tips on how to get your teenager to want to clean your car:

  1. We wash our car with a pressure cleaner. So I took my son with me to help choose what accessory & parts he wanted to purchase to use when he cleaned the car. This worked because even though I payed for the part it was him choosing it. It is important to give your teenager control of the task if you want them to do it.
  2. Allow your teenager to dictate the schedule of the cleaning. So if you need the car cleaned once every 2 weeks you let them choose when. So let them lock in every second Saturday at 11am for the cleaning. This again gives them full control over the job. Nothing is more important than letting them control the job to ensure they understand their responsibility for when they own their own car.
  3. Maintenance of the car is not just cleaning but also regular oil checks and changing the parts at regular intervals. Ensure you go over the costs of each maintenance check with your teenage so they are aware of the costs when they own their own car.

How to Budget and Plan for Owning a Car

Cars require insurance, maintenance and fuel. Insurance is usually yearly, fuel is usually weekly and maintenance is usually monthly. So in general those are easy to budget for. But what about things like the power cleaner to help clean the car with? Or the unexpected breakdowns? Or the unfortunate possibility of an accident? That’s when you need to instill the idea of contingency in a budget to your teenager.

Here’s a great article on contingency, but the summary version is that contingency budget is an allotment of cash reserve kept safe for the unexpeected event like an accident. Let’s say your yearly budget for the car is $2000. You’d place a contingency on that of 15% and so you’d need to teach your teenage that $300 is the contingency and so $2300 is needed in the budget.

Key Takeaways

Responsibility is one of the most important things to teach your child from a young age. The way you teach it is different depending on the age of your child. Once they became a young teenager teaching them responsibility of things like driving and owning a car become crucial. If you don’t get them involved in budgeting and learning the time and effort involved in cleaning and maintaining a car then they won’t realize the responsibility that owning a car is. The tips in this article are all about giving them ownership over the car before they actually own the car. Let them create the cleaning schedule. Let them choose the tools to clean it. Doing these simple things now will make the world of difference when they own their own car.

Wild Walking with Children

When we first got married we spent a fair amount of time walking in parks. There was even a few nature hikes – small trips out for camping in the not so wild wilderness. But as with so many other things, once you have children taking such trips out and about seems far to much effort. Not only is the logistics difficult, with the extra things to carry including waterproofs, food for everyone and buckets of suncream, but with smaller legs comes less range. And when young children get tired, they can hit the ground hard.

But it’s a shame to give up walking altogether. The natural world is the best tonic, healer and mood stabilizer you can imagine. It’s far better than you can get from your family doctor. Even with small children, getting out and about in the wild for just one afternoon can return balance and calm to a stressful life.

So is it possible? Can you go on wild walks and come back with your sanity?

Wild Walks with Children

Although the need to carry far more when you head out to nature may limit your plans, it’s still perfectly possible to go on some spectacular, soul healing walks with a young family. It does take a little preparation though. Here are some things to consider:

  1. Stay to well trodden paths. These can still feel remote, without taking you far from help.
  2. Look for walks stay at the same or similar altitude. Children are ok with distance (comparatively) but don’t handle going up very well at all.
  3. Look for loops. This will avoid the need to explain why you are ‘going back’, and avoids what can feel like the worst part of the day.
  4. Look for multiple routes to success. Try to look for routes which give you a number of exit options throughout the day. Depending on how old your children are, you may need to head back to the car relatively promptly if it all starts to go wrong.

What Kit do you need?

Although there are enthusiasts who suggest a minimalist approach, I think you need to have balance. You’re not going to go far, and they will tire first, so you can afford to carry a bit more weight. So taking more equipment can be ok. In fact, there are just as many that suggest this even for big overnight hikes.

However, one piece of equipment you really shouldn’t scimp on is a decent pair of hiking shoes. It’s very much worth it to pay the extra here.

If one of your party is very young, there are also some great baby carry rucksacks that you can try.

But notwithstanding all of that, there is still more than enough reason to get out into nature, even if you have children or a young family. If you’re in doubt, give it a try ‘pretending’ that your local park is the Rockies. It’ll be fun, but it’ll also be a shakedown to see if you’re ready for something a bit more adventurous.

And remember, baby steps….

A Game Can Teach Your Kids About Preventing Drain Clogs

There are only two ways to get our children to do what we want. The first way is to ask them not to do it; the second way is to make a fun game out of it. If you are tired of grabbing the plunger about once a week and constantly using your best drain cleaner to unclog the toilet, there are ways that you can teach your children to prevent drain clogs. Whether it is your toilet that is backing up, or your drain won’t clear, even if your children are giving you the “it wasn’t me”, we both know what is happening there.

The best way to get your children to prevent drain clogs is by inventing a game. Make a challenge in your home to see who can use the least amount of toilet paper. At the beginning of the week hand everyone his or her very own roll of toilet paper. Tell your child that at the end of the week you will compare to see who uses the least. One special thing to remember, however, is that you have to set in place the rule that you have to wipe. We all know that children can find ways to play games that aren’t helpful to anyone.

Another way to make a fun game out of preventing drain clogs is by having them learn a little science experiment. The best way to keep your drain running efficiently is by rinsing the sink with coke and baking soda. Show your children how fun it can be to create a science experiment. Allow them to put a tablespoon of baking soda in the drain and then pour a cup of coke down after it. They will have fun watching it foam up and they will learn a little something in the process. Begging you to allow them to clean the drain again, they will learn the importance of keeping it clean, so that you don’t have to.

I have applied this strategy for many similar situations in the house. Creating games for your kids is not only funny, but also educational and interactive. Children are like a sponge and they are extremely alert to what is happening in their environment, so challenging them constantly will definitely have a positive impact in their life. These types of games are not only to prevent a drain clog or keep the house cleaner, but also teach them about responsibilities, attention, memory, and overall teach them to follow rules.

Overall, I would like to hear what type of games have you created in order to teach your kids or someone else something. You know I am a huge fan of computer games, but sadly I don’t know how to program games in the computer. I have many ideas for interactive games to help kids learning about many topics. If you are one of those super programmers looking for a creative mind for your next game, please don’t hesitate to contact me through my contact form and leave your contact so we can work on something.