Improve Your Kids’ Wellness


We know as parents how tough it is when our young ones get sick, they don’t sleep, don’t eat and it can be very stressful. However, there are some things that you can do to ensure that you boost your kids wellness. They include the following:

Throw some salt in the tub

Many people including children are magnesium deficient due to soil and water level depletions. To supplement magnesium to children, add a handful of Epsom salt and a tablespoon of sea salt to their bath. Doing that will actually boost their magnesium level and even help them relax well.

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Effective parenting tips


Being a parent is definitely one of the most fulfilling events in our lives. However, at times it can also be challenging. A common mistake that most parents make is to believe that in order to be good parents, they must be controlling to their kids. However, from our experience as parents, we have noted that parenting methods that are less coercive result in better disciplinary outcomes for the children. If you really want to control your child, you will need to do it over time and it should be more of an influential control rather than a physical one. In other words, you influence the child to behave better while teaching them a wide range of parenting skills and building their self-esteem.

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How to Get Your Children to Play Outdoors

Countless studies have found that children, and people in general are spending much more time indoors than they previously did. In fact, it’s been reported that the average child sits inside using an electronic device (or two) for 55 hours a week. Children shouldn’t be asked to spend all of that time outside or even the majority of it, but the fact remains that the obesity epidemic is only becoming more pervasive, and the best thing parents can do to combat it is to, at the very least, get their children to spend at least 30-45 minutes a day playing outside. However, for many children, spending time outside has essentially become a chore. They won’t want to put down their video game controller or log off their computer to head outdoors for some exercise. However, there are ways to get children excited to go outside. Here are a few of them:

Make it Beautiful: Your children will be more likely to spend time outside if your yard has some aesthetic appeal. They won’t want to spend a great deal of time in the yard if it looks uninviting. Hiring a company like Ann Arbor landscaping company Twin Oaks to transform your yard can really impact their feelings toward the prospect of spending more time outside.

Don’t Make it an Obligation: Many children simply don’t respond well to orders to follow rules or routines. If you make going outside seem like an obligation on the same level as visiting the dentist or going clothing shopping they’ll probably do everything they can to avoid it. You want your children to feel positive about going outside. Instead of treating it like a necessary element of their day, treat it like a reward. Make going outside seem fun and they’ll soon begin to think of it that way as well.

Don’t Structure Your Child’s Time Outside: Many parents think that supplying their child with activities to do outside will make them more likely to enjoy the time they spend there and want to return. In fact, the best way to make sure that your child’s time outside is positive is to let them do what they want, within reason. Let them invent their own games and fill the time as they wish. If they seem lost or bored feel free to interject, but otherwise let them come to you. If they want to play they’ll let you know. If not, give them freedom.

Make it a Game: Don’t ask children to go outside just for the exercise or the fresh air. Make it feel like an adventure. If you’re going to take them for a hike incorporate elements like races or scavenger hunts into the route. Keep the experience light and the child will never feel burdened. As such, they’ll be much more likely to return to the same place or carry out the same activity at the later date.

There are plenty of ways to get your children to experience the outdoors more regularly. These are just a few suggestions. Overall, however, the first thing you should do is make sure that your yard or outdoor area is inviting and safe. A landscaper like Ann Abor landscaping company Twin Oaks can help with this key aspect of the process. Once you have an environment all you’ll need is a positive attitude, a bit of patience and a willingness to let your child use their imagination and create their own adventures.

Preparing your Teenage Boys to be a Hunter with Guns, Bows, and Mtech Knives

As parents, we would not allow anything that could harm our kids. But as they grow up, they will have their own choices on things that can make them happy. They will have their own set of friends and hobbies as well. For young girls, most of them would to do what their mom usually does – cooking, for example. On the other hand, many young boys would prefer some tough and extreme sports when they grow up. It’s nothing but normal for mothers to worry that her boy might get injured. As a father, you are worried, too. But because you also tend to enjoy your son’s hobby, you feel more relaxed than his mother.

First of all, there’s nothing wrong with your teenage boy if he wants to be a hunter someday. In fact, hunting is a sport too. There are laws that protect the animals in the wild, and hunters are obliged to follow them. Some organizations strongly oppose the idea of hunting as a sport. But with some thorough studies, hunting is an effective way of helping to preserve the balance of nature. If your son loves hunting, he should know how to be a responsible hunter and be able to use the right tools.

Sport hunting requires you to have a licensed gun or a bow, and you will also need a high quality mtech hunting knife. Most hunting knives are designed for cutting meat, rather than for stabbing animals. Winners are awarded with a trophy and probably some body parts of the prey. If your son wants to be an independent hunter instead of enjoying it as a sport, there’s no problem with that. There are many professional hunters who can teach him everything about hunting. But if your teen will hunt for the sake of simply killing animals, this is not a good idea. You’d better discourage him as early as possible.

Hunters also have their own ways to protect themselves, not only from wild animals but also by choosing the right weapons. Besides the protective gears and equipment, using the correct tools is very important. Choosing a hunting rifle depends on the kind of game you intend to hunt. You should also know the kind of cartridge and bullets you’ll need. Hunting rifles also have different two different categories – single shots and repeaters. They also differ in styles and kinds of mechanism used. On the other hand, bow hunting requires the hunter to get closer to their prey and can be more dangerous.

For hunting knives, avoid choosing those with huge blades simply because they have no practical use in hunting. Both Rambo and Crocodile Dundee looked good with their knives, but only in the movies. In real life, their knives are not so useful in skinning animals. Nevertheless, a good size of a hunting knife mainly depends on the size of the game. Online knife stores such as this one offer wide selections of different kind of knives. You can also choose from either the traditional fixed-blade hunting knife or a multi-purpose one. But just like hunting rifles, make sure you feel comfortable when using them.

Benefits of Coloring for Kids

Coloring is one of the activities that many children enjoy. It offers a fun and educational experience to children of various age groups, from toddlers to school-age children. There is a wide spectrum of materials that children can color, depending on their age and interest. Also, many coloring pages are readily printable online for free. If you have a child, encourage coloring at an early age as it offers the following benefits:

1. Promotes motor skills development
Coloring activities require coordination between the eyes and hand. While focusing on the coloring object, children need to hold and control the movement of their crayon to avoid coloring outside the line. A considerable motor skill is needed to achieve this.

2. Promotes color recognition
Young children are easily fascinated with colors. Through different coloring materials, parents will be able to effectively introduce the different colors to their young children. Making them use these colors is also a good way to help them remember and easily identify the colors being introduced. For toddlers or younger children, you can start introducing one or two basic colors at one time and introduce more colors as they progress.

3. Stimulates creativity
Coloring teaches children to experiment with different colors to enhance the look of the subject they are working on. It also allows them to explore color combinations, the use of complementary colors, and other coloring techniques. In addition, you may also see your child starting to copy the drawings in the coloring materials, teaching them to draw in the process. Both drawing and coloring in turn can stir the creative mind of your child.

4. Helps develop focus and concentration
Just as doing yoga helps with your focus and concentration, the same goes for kids who enjoy coloring. Most children have a short attention span, which greatly affects their ability to learn in school. However, children who loves coloring are more likely to develop a longer attention span and be able to focus and concentrate more on what they are doing. Coloring requires them to focus and concentrate to make a beautiful work of art. Children who are able to develop the skills to concentrate and stay focused usually perform better in school. While you’re busy working on your yoga poses while watching the best yoga DVD from your favorite trainer in the living room, your child can have fun coloring his favorite cartoon character right next to you.

5. Helps build self-esteem and self-confidence
Getting recognition and appreciation for their accomplishments can help a child develop high self-esteem and self-confidence. Coloring offers the same benefit to your child. Coloring is a fun activity which allows your child to gain a feeling of accomplishment after completely coloring one particular object or subject. Learn to appreciate their accomplishment no matter how simple it is to help them feel more confident.

6. Keeps children productive while having fun
While there are children who find coloring to be a boring activity, many consider it to be enjoyable. Instead of playing video games or watching television, it can be a more productive and wholesome activity for your child. Try to give your child different kinds of coloring pages appropriate for his or her age. You could choose from a wide range of themes available from pirates, Disney characters, super heroes and everyday objects among others. By providing different options to color, children would not easily get bored with their coloring pages.

Coloring is a good starting point for the development of children. You should start teaching your toddler to color at a very young age. At first, it may just be pure fun to them, but as they advance into their coloring activities, they will be able to enjoy the benefits listed above. Coloring is perhaps one of the most inexpensive activities that offer numerous benefits to children.

Possible Career Paths For Our Daughter

The other night my wife and I started discussing career paths for our daughter. She’s now in high school and we’ve been wondering what are some of the things that she could go into when it comes to going to college and choosing a major and choosing her future career.

As we explored some of the typical things that a lot of women go into or that would’ve gone into for the last few decades, it seems like there’s now quite a few better choices for women, but of course we don’t mean to make anyone feel bad about their chosen profession.

The first thing we talked about was teaching. I have an aunt who is a teacher- she teaches kindergarten and it seems like she puts up with a huge amount of crap for a small amount of money. The thing about teaching is that you’re dealing with all the kids during the day and then during your off time and at parent-teacher conferences and other things like that you’re dealing with all the parents.

The other thing that’s changed dramatically even in just the last 10 years is the level of discipline among the general population of children. It seems like there’s no old-school discipline anymore and the kids can run wild and do whatever they want and it seems to be that the parents usually side with the kids instead of the teachers these days. So we’re not too excited about guiding our daughter in the direction of being a teacher.

Another very common route for women in their career is to be a nurse. Nursing seems like a great career option. We’ve heard that is very competitive and the schools are hard to get into and that they cost a lot of money but, we would be very willing to try and pay for that and figure that out for our daughter if she says she wants to go into nursing. It seems like it’s a very flexible career with a lot of different options.

Another career we’ve heard a lot about is dental hygiene. Dental hygiene is another very flexible field. Usually dental hygienist work several days at different offices because it’s hard to get a full-time position with one dentist but, A lot of working mothers choose dental hygiene is a career because they can work a few days a week and it’s fairly easy to find a babysitter for 1 to 2 days a week and they can still have a career that takes modern house a few days out of the week and kind helps to keep them saying while earning money the same time.

Another career path for women that a friend’s been telling us about recently is public accounting. We’ve heard that the CPA exams are pretty tough and that there’s four of them, But more and more women are going into this field because of their ability to multitask and analyze Complex transactions and the other things the public account still with. More and more CPA firms have initiative specifically for women and flex schedules that allow working mothers to still have a career and grow a career while they’re also raising their children so this seems like a great fit For young woman who wants to have a family and children and have a career throughout her life.

Workout Tips to Help Busy Dads to Stay Fit

The demands of being a dad can be overwhelming at times, which can move some of our past priorities to the back burner. One common priority that gets pushed aside when you have to take care of your children is exercising. Our time is limited and we are exhausted from fulfilling fatherly obligations. However, if we want to live a long healthy life, and watch our kids and grand-kids grow up for as long as we possibly can, we need to take care of ourselves. So I’m going to help you out and tell you about some things that have worked for me. These tips will help you use your limited time and energy to become smarter with your workout strategy and, ultimately, save you time and get you ripped.

Invest in a Good Pre Workout Supplement

Pre workout supplements have been my savior during those days where I just really can’t seem to bring myself to head off to the gym. These workout supplements helped me get ripped. A pre workout supplement is filled with ingredients that are designed to work together to give you a huge boost of energy prior to your workout. You’ll experience increased motivation minutes after taking them, and you won’t have any problems with being lethargic in the gym.

Not only does it give you motivation to go and workout, but it also gives you the energy you need to perform a quick workout and get back home to the kids in a timely fashion. You won’t notice as much fatigue, which is going to allow you to handle less rest between sets, which is going to get you out of the gym quicker. A workout that would normally take an hour will now only take 30-40 minutes, and your workout will feel just as satisfying, if not more so. I always head to the gym super pumped from these pre workouts, even on the worst of days.

Workout Tips

Here are some workout tips you can use to take advantage of your pre workout boost. These time saving techniques are designed to give you a full, satisfying workout in about half the time.

1. Supersets

Supersets are when you perform one exercise, and then right away without taking a rest you move on to a different one. I prefer to do a separate muscle for each of the 2 exercises. For example, I’ll do a set of a bicep exercise and immediately move on to a tricep exercise. This ensures that you are working out 2 muscles in the time that it usually takes to exercise just 1. I mean think about it, bicep curls don’t get you out of breath, so the only reason to rest is to let the pump calm down a little bit and then go again. But this can still be accomplished by working triceps in that spare time where you would normally be doing nothing just waiting for your next set of bicep curls. Once you finish the tricep exercise your biceps will be ready to go for the next set. You’re simply killing two birds with one stone using this method.

2. Circuit Training

Circuit training is somewhat similar to supersetting in the sense of how it saves time, but it is done a little differently. For circuit training, you pick about 4-6 exercises, and do all 4-6 of them in a row without resting. Then at the end of the circuit you take a 1-2 minute break and go at it again. Repeat the circuit 3-4 times and you’ll be just about dead in about 30 minutes worth of work. This kind of training is like a hybrid of cardio and lifting; you work the muscles really well and the limited rest gets your heart pumping and improves cardiovascular health.

Reap the Benefits!

I only spend about 30 minutes in the gym, but since using pre workout supplements, I’ve gotten more ripped than anybody else I know while spending about half the amount of time in the gym when I use the workout methods previously stated. Try a couple different brands and see which one is the best pre workout supplement for YOU; I promise you will not disappointed when you start seeing the immense benefits with such little time spent. The ultimate benefit, of course, is being able to spend more time with the kids, both now and in the future.

How Chiropractic Changed My Life

It is kind of weird how we constantly try to find ways to make our life more comfortable. We strive to research and finds ways to advance our existences and make living a lot more convenient. This goes as far as finding treatments for illnesses and diseases, too. For decades now, we have been successful and among the best discoveries of man is chiropractic.

What Is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is basically about the disorders of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system, as well as the disorders that affect them and the general health of the body. This may encompass neck pains, back pains, pains in the joints and headaches.

Among the treatments that chiropractors, doctors who practice chiropractic, perform is called the ‘spinal manipulation’ or chiropractic adjustment. This helps restore mobility of the joints by using controlled force on the affected joints.

What Should You Expect When You Visit A Chiropractor?

I talked to my doctor, Dr. Vasilis Gatsinaris, who owns Next Level Wellness, and he said that a visit to your chiropractor should not be scary at all. It is also not going to be painful.

Just like visiting a doctor for the very first time, you should expect a brief discussion on your health history. Of course, the chiropractor will ask you about your health and what diseases you have had in the past, as well as the diseases that may be running in your family. He may also ask you if you are taking any medicines, supplements or prescriptions.

Questions as to whether you experience any sleeping problems or headaches may also be asked. Do not worry, as these are just standard questions to establish your record. Aside from that, the chiropractor may conduct a physical examination on you for records purposes.

What Chiropractic Has Done For People

A lot of people have already sought the help of a chiropractor in the hope of getting relief from disorders and discomforts that have plagued them for a while. And they can attest to how effective and safe this method is.

One patient who has constantly complained of back pains has been cured through chiropractic. He did not even have to spend on medicines and supplements. Just a regular session with his chiropractor for two weeks has relieved him from such back pains. Today, he can already move better and more freely. He can also bend over more easily and bend even lower.

Thousands of patients have already felt freedom from pains including:

Bladder problems
Digestive issues
Herniated discs
Reproductive issues
Tourette’s syndrome
Cranio-dental concerns

How Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation Has Helped Patients

Through research, it has been proven that chiropractic spinal manipulation is a safe and effective spine pain treatment. Its three basic benefits include (1) reduced pain (2) decreased medication and (3) advanced medical therapy.

Since the vertebrae is a very sensitive organ, the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research recommends that only the mildest and most conservative care should be given first. And the mildest and most conservative care is spinal manipulation. People who have had the treatment attest to its effectiveness and safeness, as it uses no drugs.

If you have any back pains and other disorders, do not hesitate to see a chiropractor. Do not wait until that simple pain turns into something more serious that you might regret later on.

Top Parenting tips for the divorced

Divorce can bring about a very challenging twist in your life. Many people don’t know exactly what to do after the divorce process. In fact, some remain in denial for as long as three years after divorce has occurred. During this time, children are also in grief and receive the bluntest side of the breakup. They are therefore looking up to you for guidance on the way forward. The following are perhaps the best steps that you should take to ensure smooth transition for you and your kids.

Accept and be patient with yourself

The first step involves accepting that divorce has occurred and there is no moving back. Do not allow yourself to be overpowered by the negative emotions to the extent that you are unable to make the right decisions for you and your kids. Accept that it’s normal to feel the way you are feeling and that those feelings will decay with time.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Do not fear to ask for help from family members and friends. They can give you some support during this difficult moment. You could also visit a professional counselor so that you can ask any burning questions that you may be having. You could also get a different perspective of looking at the issues from the counselor which can enable you to deal with the situation in a better way.

Talk to your children

Talk to your children to inform them about the separation and what will change. This will largely depend on the age of your kids and the depth of the information that they can digest. If they are old enough, let then know that you have thought about the issue with your spouse keenly and found that separation is the only way. Let them know what will change concerning various issues such as their schooling and place of residence. If possible, it would be better for the children to hear from both of you. Allow them to express their feelings about the issue.

Try co-parenting

Co-parenting involves working with your ex partner on matters affecting your children. This can be the best approach to reduce the impact of the divorce on your kids. If it is safe, let your children know that it is OK for them to visit your ex spouse and have time with them. You can negotiate with your ex about this to decide the best way to facilitate the interaction. If it is difficult to negotiate through one-on-one discussion, try to use an intermediary to do the negotiation.

Don’t Allow children to get in the middle

Do not involve your children in the conflict. If you have to argue, do not do it in the presence of your children. It is also unhealthy to discuss about the cause of the divorce in case it involves grave matters such as infidelity. Another mistake that many parents are making is using their children as messengers. If you want to deliver a message, don’t use your children.

Focus more on your children

Utilize the time that you were spending with your spouse to take care of your kids. This will make you feel better and help you understand any problems that your children maybe going through.

Take care of yourself

After divorce some parents may loose the meaning of life and start overindulging in alcohol and other harmful behaviors. Remember that your children are watching you and they may be more vulnerable than you are. Desist from engaging in activities that could sabotage your parenting roles. Continue working normally and remain cool and your children will follow soot.

Smartphone tips and guidelines for effective parenting

If you have teenagers or kids and you have not heard that question yet, then be ready due to the fact that it’s arriving soon. It used to be that we can wait until our little ones were in senior high school prior to the problem of a cellphone showed up however not any longer. Today, it’s not unusual for 11-year-olds and even more youthful children to be walking around with a Samsung Galaxy S4, iPod Touch or yet another advanced mobile device.

And in these times we do not just need to fear about telephone calls and text messages. Smartphones are now impressive handheld computers, which feature entirely unfiltered access to the Internet and extremely advanced applications. And if the pre-loaded apps are not to your children’ preference, then no problem a number of clicks they will be offered to access to tons of and countless  android applications, dealing with every conceivable subject and Project needed.

Smartphone Applications you should have

All this provides both difficulty and challenges for today’s mom and dads. Simply when we believed we had the World wide web under control, everything has actually gone portable, setting up adult controls and anti-viruses software application on personal computer can also be done on smartphones. On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy Smartphones can be effective devices for discovering, interacting and teaching children obligation. In this brand-new mobile age, moms and dads need to take steps to comprehend how mobile innovation works and teach their youngsters about mobile security and responsibilities. There are so many Samsung Galaxy S4 applications from car navigation, music downloader for Android , wallpapers, games  to security apps for you children’s safety we are sure you will find this the safest phone to buy for your children and your self.

I personaly have a long history of recommending moms and dads and care-givers on the ever-changing needs of digital innovation. We comprehend the dangers that innovation provides to young children however we also understand the benefits and chances. We think it’s difficult to appropriately prepare children for a progressively digital world if we attempt to neglect the effect of innovation, or act that smartphones and other gadgets are for other children however not our own.

Lookout is the leading mobile security and safety business, to produce this useful manual, which lays out the crucial steps that moms and dads can require to prepare their children for possessing a smartphone or another digital gadget. Generation Mobile phone: A Guideline for Moms and dads of teenagers takes a real-world view these days’s popular portable gadgets and will certainly make mobile use a much safer and even more fulfilling experience for households everywhere.

Safety Steps to have in-place

So, you have actually chosen to buy your child a smart phone. You looked around for gadgets and service strategies, charged the phone, and now your daughter or son is taking a look at it with extremely starving eyes. However prior to you handing over the phone, there are a couple of things you can and must do to improve the possibilities that you and your children will certainly have a safe and smooth experience:.

-Set the phone up for security.

-Include vital individuals to the contact list.

-Download a safeguard applications to secure your financial investment. As you’re establishing your youngster’s phone (or as your teenager is establishing their gadget), make certain to download and android application like Lookout, so they’ll be instantly secured from downloading dangerous applications and going to hazardous internet sites that can destroy the phone or compromise individual information and personal privacy. Lookout will certainly assist you to find and locate your children’s device if it’s lost or taken, or, you can save the day and make the phone sound a loud Scream to assist in finding it if it’s lost in a sofa.

Ways to Handle Negative Smartphone Habits.

Setting your kid loose on the planet with a smartphone is a prospect that wields a double-edged sword on a moms and dad’s feelings. On one hand, you now have a consistent line of communication open so that you can call your children at any time, and vice versa. And you understand your children can connect to you or perhaps call 9-1-1 at any time they have to.

On the other hand, having a smart phone or gadget likewise implies you and your children should be on guard versus mistakes like over use not to mention risks like harmful applications, adult web sites and possible contact by unfamiliar people. Right here is a handful of ideas for how smartphone smart moms and dads can make certain the phone is being made use of in the very best means possible.

Watch the costs. Numerous mobile company will certainly permit the account holder to see expense aspects on-line, in real-time. You must likewise have the ability to see any billable applications, ringtones, and so on that are being credited the account, prior to the expense enters the 3, 4 or 5 figures.

Set alerts. When you purchase your children’s phone, deal with the company to assist you customize signals for your children’s phone. It prevails to see moms and dads set signals for when a children’s telephone line goes beyond a particular quantity of voice minutes, text, information use or perhaps purchases/downloads.

Smartphone Security & Safety Application

Lookout mobile security application and business making the mobile experience protected for mobile phones users all over the world. Countless American children have cell phones  they are merely a reality of our daily lives. And these gadgets are generally tiny computer systems that posture threats just like the dangers dealt with on Computers. Lookout provides prize-winning defence from the growing hazards dealing with mobile users today, consisting of bad apps, frauds, personal privacy offences, information loss, and loss of the phone itself.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is the world leader in smartphone and security. To find out more and to download security apps for your Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone see

Top Tips for Loft Conversions

When you get the joyous news that you are expecting a new baby, where they are going to sleep after the initial cot period isn’t high on the list of things you think about.

But if you have children and you are going to be faced with a bedroom issue, one of the best ways to combat this can be a loft conversion.

This offers a range of benefits, especially if your oldest is nearly a teenager or already there. They get their own space, which can be very important at that age and it creates the extra room on the same sleeping level as you for the newest arrival.

A loft conversion can also be a good way to invest in property as it raises the appeal of the house to a family.

Planning permission

A lot of people get put off from converting their loft because they think there is a lot of complicated planning permission involved. But the reality of it, referring to England specifically here, is that you don’t normally need any planning permission. You can convert the loft as long as you keep within the following limits:

• A volume allowance of 40 cubic metres additional roof space on terraced houses and 50 cubic metres on semi-detached or detached houses
• You don’t expand beyond the plane of the existing slope of the roof and no part of the extension is above the highest point of the roof or overhanging the outer face wall of the house
• You use material that are similar in appearance to your house
• You don’t add verandas, raised platforms or balconies
• Side facing windows have obscured glass in them and any opening has be more than 1.7metres above the floor

There can be a few more restrictions that apply if you live in certain designated areas such as national parks, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, conservation areas and World Heritage Sites. The other point to be aware of is that you may not be allowed to make the changes if you share your home with a protected species – most likely to be bats.

Building regulations

You do need to get building regulation approval for the conversion of a loft. Based on a two-storey house, the following give some examples of the regulations that will be applied, though they can differ for other types of houses and for more than two stories high.

• The structural strength of the new floor must be up to standard
• The stability of the overall house including the roof must not be endangered
• There is a safe means of escape in the event of a fire
• There are safely designed stairs to the next floor
• The room has adequate sound insulation between rooms

As you can see these are things that would be part of any sensible conversion anyway, ensuring the work is done correctly, the room is safe and getting between rooms is simple and safe. When you have your plans in place, speak to Building Control and they will confirm if your work meets their standards and can proceed.

Remember you don’t need to be a professional property consultant, expert or mentor to carry out this process, it’s quiet straight forward when you get the hang of it.

Helping Your Kids Live A Healthier Lifestyle

It is a fact that today, there is a need to keep a healthy lifestyle to enjoy life to the fullest.

With everything that we are eating like fast food and junk food, as well the unhealthy habits that we have, we are at a higher risk for illnesses and diseases. And these are not only a threat to adults but to children as well.

There is, therefore, a need to teach our children to develop healthier lifestyles at an early age.

Why Should Kids Also Develop A Healthier Lifestyle?

A lot of us may think that our kids are safe from all these unhealthy food, which contain chemicals. But that is not true. If they eat them too, then they are also exposed to these chemicals. Even if they are young, the effect is almost the same. In fact, in the US alone, 2 out of 6 kids are obese.

So How Can You Help Your Kids Live A Healthier Lifestyle?

Being the adult, your supervision over what your kid eats and does are keys to a healthier lifestyle for them. Our friend Matt Rickman, who is a personal trainer in Orange County, said that he would actually write down everything that his son ate. While you may not want to go that far, it is ultimately the most efficient way to keep track of what your children eat.

We were talking to Matt earlier about kids nutrition and he gave us a lot of tips to keep our kids healthy. There was so much info, we decided to write this post about them. Here’s some of the stuff we came up with:

When choosing food, choose healthy food

Do not feed them potato chips and other unhealthy products. Stock up on fruits, vegetables, milk and yogurt. When you pack their lunch, you can include a pack of raisins for their dessert instead of giving them candies or chocolates.

For breakfast and you serve them oatmeal or cereal, make it more special and tasty by adding in strawberries or blueberries.

It is difficult to feed your child and that is normal. But if you make the recipe more interesting, you can make them eat. For example, if you want them to eat celery, make it more fun and enjoyable by creating a ‘log with ants’ wherein you spread peanut butter on it and then sprinkle some raisins.

Engage them in physical activity

On your weekends, you can bring them to the park or clubhouse where they can play sports or swim in the pool. They do not know that they are already exercising because they are having so much fun. Also, after they do their homework and there is still time, you can let them play outdoors with their friends.

Be a model to them

Show them that you are also living a healthy lifestyle by exercising yourself. You can also show them that you are eating vegetables and fruits but not junk food.

Spend a few minutes every week with your kids discussing health issues. They cannot be too young for this kind of information. Talk to them about healthy habits and practices.

Do not let them stay up too late. Your body has its own clock and during every hour within the day, a specific organ of your body takes its rest. If your child is still up at 2 o’clock in the morning when the liver needs to rest, then you know what will happen if this keeps going on.

Cook at home

Nothing beats home cooking where you are sure of what you are putting in your food. Besides, this will create a bonding moment for you and your child.

A great way to get your kids excited about nutrition is by using a rewards system. Every child wants to be rewarded for something good they have done. So when your child eats vegetables at dinner, reward them with a walk to the park or their favorite Marvel hero.

Your kids need your special guidance on this and it is never too late to start. If you have additional nutrition tips for kids, we’d love to hear about them in the comments below!