Improve Your Kids’ Wellness


We know as parents how tough it is when our young ones get sick, they don’t sleep, don’t eat and it can be very stressful. However, there are some things that you can do to ensure that you boost your kids wellness. They include the following:

Throw some salt in the tub

Many people including children are magnesium deficient due to soil and water level depletions. To supplement magnesium to children, add a handful of Epsom salt and a tablespoon of sea salt to their bath. Doing that will actually boost their magnesium level and even help them relax well.

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Effective parenting tips


Being a parent is definitely one of the most fulfilling events in our lives. However, at times it can also be challenging. A common mistake that most parents make is to believe that in order to be good parents, they must be controlling to their kids. However, from our experience as parents, we have noted that parenting methods that are less coercive result in better disciplinary outcomes for the children. If you really want to control your child, you will need to do it over time and it should be more of an influential control rather than a physical one. In other words, you influence the child to behave better while teaching them a wide range of parenting skills and building their self-esteem.

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A Parent’s Guide to Baptisms

How can mothers choose a christening gown for their children?

There are more choices for christening outfits today than ever before. We have long grown out of the traditional white christening gowns brought by Victorians. The amount of choice we have has made it difficult to choose christening outfits for our babies. There are several things you should consider when choosing a christening outfit for your baby. Remember that as long as you like the outfit and your baby is comfortable in it, then you should go with it. The following are the things that affect your choice of christening outfits.


Most Christian denominations have dedication or baptism ceremonies that are unique from others. A christening dress might vary depending on which faith you subscribe to. A christening gown is symbolic and you must consider the requirements of your religion when choosing one. Many Christian denominations insist that a christening gown must be white or a similar color. Some churches allow pastels and cream for christening.


A christening outfit might be a simple dress suit or an elaborate gown. The factors that influence a person’s choice of style for christening attire include his/her budget and family traditions.
Christening gowns can have traditional styling but for a contemporary feel, designers now use heavy embroidery with sequins and beads and tulle skirts. Christening gowns don’t have to be made with expensive material; they can be made with fabrics like satin backed dupion which looks like more expensive fabrics.

Baptism outfits can be used for boys and girls but some are simply too feminine to put on a boy. Christening gowns that are good for boys use simple styling and look gorgeous on them.

Christening dresses look more contemporary. They are shorter than traditional gowns and are ideal for baptisms and naming ceremonies. They also have a wider color variation than christening gowns.
There are several styles of christening gowns including: heirloom gowns, customized gowns, shantung gowns, and ‘touch of color’ gowns.

Heirloom gowns are passed down from one generation to another. They are high quality gowns that are usually made with natural fibers. They have many delicate details like embroidery and eyelets.
Customized gowns are made specifically for a child. There are some companies that offer to make customized gowns for babies for a fee. These types of gowns have detachable sashes, trains, and bows and they enable you to add or remove features.

Shantung gowns are made with fabric that is a mixture of synthetic fibers and silk. Shantung gowns drape easily and have a slubbed appearance hence they are great for christening gowns.
A ‘Touch Of Color’ gown has a soft blue ribbon that falls down its front. It can also have a baby pink ribbon on the sleeves or hem.


Your baby must feel comfortable on his or her big day. You can make sure of it by choosing christening attire that fits well. Christening outfits are usually smaller than clothes babies use on a day-to-day basis. Therefore if a baby is between sizes, you should choose a gown on the larger size.

Minecraft, a Learning Tool? How Gaming is Transforming the Education System for Children, Teens and Adults

If you are a parent with a child, teen or tween, odds are you already know about Minecraft. Minecraft is more commonly known as a game that allows each player to use of blocks or cubes to build a creative or imaginary world in a digital reality online, where players are granted the chance to play independently or together. The game can be played in more than one, from Macs to PCs and Xbox to smartphone applications. Players also have the option of signing up with a Minecraft server hosting company, where they are capable of inviting friends or guests, for free or a small fee, to build a world together or to play small interactive games within the server owner’s world.

As a parent, it does not matter if you know a lot about Minecraft or nothing at all, the most important aspect you must understand is the following: children and teens are completely obsessed with all that is Minecraft. For parents who are unfamiliar or have just scratched the surface, the game can be described as a limitless creative sandbox where players retain the ability to construct brilliantly-designed and elaborate worlds.

Power of Imagination and Creativity: Minecraft’s Greatest Fuel

The only tool a child really needs to make his or her world memorable is an imagination, and with that, the sky’s the limit. For example, some players use their creative streaks to develop entirely new worlds, delivered straight from their imaginations while others will recreate renown historical monuments or a world modeled after a popular movie or video game. Many individuals choose to use a gaming mouse when playing Minecraft due to its great performance and increased ability to facilitate creating these worlds. With additional buttons and precise tracking, you can see why many prefer using this. If you are considering purchasing the best gaming mouse, then read this buyers guide before you get started.

The beauty of the game is that the ability to create is limitless. In other words, the sky’s the limit and we can assure you, many players aim for the sky and higher. That is why so many Minecraft players, ranging from kids to late teens, are blowing all traditional opinions and theories about gaming, out of the window. Why is that?

With Minecraft’s global popularity, currently ranked as the most-played and highest-selling game on the planet topping World of WarCraft, has resulted in a completely unexpected cultural phenomena. What is that? It is transforming the education system, and the way your children learn.

Minecraft and Education: How it’s Transforming the Way Your Children and Teens Learn

The whole parenting concept of “limiting” a child’s gaming or refusing to allow your children to play video games is considered to be antiquated advice. With Minecraft’s record-setting popularity, many teachers have decided to refrain from rejecting or bashing the platform and instead, have decided to embrace it with open arms and adopt it into numerous academic curriculums. Educators reached this conclusion, slowly but surely, realizing the hours children spend gaming is actually stimulating their minds, and each hour the child spends playing a game, he or she is gaining a very specific skill set.

Teachers found it impossible to refute the value of the game’s, particularly children and teen players, with the immense amount of hours clocked on Minecraft by each student. It’s a simple as this: kids enjoy it, so much that they can spend hours sometimes week building elaborate fantasy worlds. It’s success and rapid popularity is showing zero signs of slowing down. As a parent, it is highly recommended that you research more of the benefits Minecraft has to offer, and how it can be used as an effective learning tool for you and your children.

Selecting the Right Mattress for Toddlers

As a parent of a toddler it may seem like there are countless very important decisions that you need to make on a daily basis for the safety and contentment of your child. One of these very important areas of parenting include developing a healthy sleep routine at a young age. Sleep is a major, often understated, requirement for good health. The quality and quantity of sleep a toddler gets impacts behavior, emotional function, and brain development. Fatigue is often a major contributing factor to many unwanted toddler behaviors, such as temper tantrums and whining.

Consistency in a sleep routine is very important. By attempting to do bedtime at approximately the same time every evening, we can help to regulate the child’s “bodily clock” for when it is time to go to sleep. Though it may be challenging initially, establishing structure and routine at bedtime helps to provide a sense of sameness and security that is actually very comforting to a toddler. They typically like to know what to expect. Healthy sleep habits are so important for all ages, and it is vastly easier to teach and enforce these practices in a toddler than in the school or teenage years. They are habits that will serve well into adulthood.

One helpful thing to do while trying to establish consistency in sleep is to establish a bedtime routine. It is important that this routine lasts about half an hour, and starts at approximately the same time every evening. Some ideas for bedtime routine activities may include bath time, teeth brushing, book reading, or chatting about the day. It is best to avoid overly bright lights, loud noise, rough physical activity, sugary snacks, or television during this time. It is very important to set the stage to a restful night’s sleep, and an important part of that is a peaceful positive bedtime routine.

An important factor to the quality of a toddler’s sleep is the quality of a mattress. A toddler should spend 12-14 hours sleeping during the course of 24 hours. That being said, substantial time is spent on the mattress, so it is best to consider one that is made of organic, non-toxic materials. Studies have shown that heavily-treated mattresses may release gases, which in turn are inhaled by the sleeping child. More natural fiber fillings, such as cotton or wool, are better than synthetic materials. When considering the material make up of your toddler’s mattress, make sure to check for possible allergens, such as latex. Although a higher quality mattress is typically more expensive, it is much less likely to break down and need replacing than a cheaper or hand me down mattress. I would recommend getting a good quality memory foam mattress.

For a toddler, you are most likely to purchase either a standard crib or a twin size mattress. You want a medium firmness and preferably memory foam. The very firm mattress used for an infant is no longer necessary, but still best to stay on the firm side. Since this is likely to be a substantial investment that you want to last, make sure to do basic maintenance. Turn the mattress periodically to prevent uneven wear and tear, never flip it. Consider using some sort of water proof cover to protect the mattress from toddler accidents. Remember that a good quality mattress enables a truly restful sleep, which in turn results in a pleasant and attentive toddler the next day.

5 Tips and Guidelines for Effective Parenting from Newborns to Teens

Parenting, the mere word sends some people running while others are so excited to become parents and “do it their way” (in lieu of how their parents did things) that they don’t take the time to stop and think of the consequences. There has to be a happy medium somewhere in this equation however, finding it may be an entirely new equation. Here is how to make it more effective and successful.


From the moment your child is born it can be a positive experience. Talk to your newborn and tell him or her how excited you are to be their parents. Remember, newborns are just as new at this as you are. Praise your children at all ages.

Remember, your child will rely upon you for each and every detail in their life until they are able to do so themselves. Help them and teach them how to do things for themselves as they grow older.

As children grow and learn to explore their world continue talking to them. The more you talk to them the better they will learn to communicate with you. Instead of getting them what they point at, repeat it like this, “Oh, you want the rice cereal not the corn, okay”. This teaches them that they are making a choice. It also helps them to learn that they can use words which they will use in time if you are teaching them. By the time they are teens they will know well how to fend for themselves in this world.


For everything that your child does that is good, give them a positive reaction. If the child does something that is not good teach them that there are consequences for bad behavior. As a toddler, this may mean a few minutes in the corner or time out. For older children it may mean an extra chore. For teens it may mean not getting to go to an event they wish to attend or have the keys to the car. Keep the consequences reasonable and be willing to listen to their side of every story.

Try to avoid changing consequences unless the situation really truly warrants it. If you change the consequences even one time or on a regular basis you’ll find that the child learns to manipulate you and will soon be taking advantage of you.

Organics and Naturals

When children are first born it is normal to want everything to be as natural and organic as possible. This is a great way to live greener and give back to the world we live in. From organic diapers to organic shampoos and natural hair oils there are many ways that children can be exposed to organics and natural things.

Start exposing children to organics and naturals when they are young and let them grow up learning the value of avoiding chemicals and other harsh things that have a huge impact upon the environment not to mention their health.

Statistics show that children who grow up learning about the value of organics and naturals will take this information into their adult lives and continue on the endeavors that will impact their world in the future.

Be The Parent, Not The Friend

It is very easy to fall into the rut of becoming your teens friend as opposed to being their parent. Many parents fall into this trap. It is best avoided whenever possible. When parents become the friend in lieu of being the parent, they lose a bit of control and they begin to be treated with less respect.

You are always the parent and your child, whether a toddler or teen, is always the child. While you can be a friend to your teen, you are not their best friend and you need to maintain your stand on their lives until such a time as they are adults and can manage on their own.

Be Open and Honest

If you expect your teen to be open and honest with you, you’ll need to be open and honest with them. There are many times that little white lies creep into conversation. Your teen is watching and learning from you at all times. Avoid this trap. If you don’t want to talk about something, tell them so. When your teen sees you telling white lies, even if the white lies are not to your teen, they think that these little lies are acceptable and are much more likely to follow suite.

Seven Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer

There is hardly a parent out there who hasn’t heard the words “Mom, I’m so bored!” from their kids during summer vacation from school. If you are one of those parents who is tired of hearing how bored your kids are, or you’re tired of watching your kids watch television all day, here is a list of activities that is sure to help your kids entertain themselves, (and maybe even learn something!), during summer break.

Instead of watching a movie, why not make a movie? Kids can enlist the help of their friends or siblings to come up with a movie plot, create a storyboard to develop the scenes, create the characters and put together costumes, and finally film the movie. Kids can use a digital camera or just take a video on their cell phones. And if you have movie editing software on your computer, they can do some fancy editing, add music or subtitles, and even create the credits.

For kids who want to earn money over the summer but don’t want to do chores or set up a lemonade stand, steer them towards entering a contest or sweepstakes. There are sites that have contests specifically for children or teens only, and you’ll find contests of every variety. Be aware that some contests are talent specific, such as writing contests or photography contests, for example. Kids may be interested in all or just some of them, but be assured that entering contests will keep them very busy.

Encourage kids to make fitness and wellness a priority this summer. If your kids aren’t going outside to play everyday, then chances are they aren’t getting enough exercise. Fitness doesn’t have to mean doing a workout video either; take your kids to a public pool, go for a walk as a family, ride bikes, etc. They can also jump on a trampoline, dance to music in the house, or try doing yoga, etc.

Day camps are a great way to keep kids or even young teens busy. The YMCA offers a plethora of day camps, many with themes such as cheering. These camps usually run for about a week and generally include time in the swimming pools plus things like arts and crafts. If money is an issue, the YMCA’s policy is that no one is turned away for the inability to pay. Inquire about financial assistance if you need it.

Every parent has probably heard that kids can drop a letter grade over the summer because they aren’t reading or doing much academically over the summer. One way to combat this is to have your child read everyday, setting a minimum amount of time for them to read, such as thirty minutes. To make it more fun, kids can establish as book club with their friends where they all read one book at a time, then meet once a week to discuss what they’ve read, have snacks, etc. It’s a great way to make reading more fun.

Most kids love to be on the computer, why not have them start their own blog? There are blogging sites that are made for kids. This is a great way to teach them more computer skills, give them a creative outlet, and it is a modern way to keep a diary. They can blog daily about what they are doing on summer vacation, and hopefully they’ll continue during the school year too.

Lastly, when all else fails, have your kids come up with a list of new things they’d like to learn over the summer. It could be learning a foreign language, cooking, growing their own vegetables or fruits, painting, etc. Then let them have at it. You might be surprised on how much they do learn away from school.

Smoking, Bad for the Whole Family

If you’re a smoker, then you know how badly you need that packet of cigarette. You understand how hard it is for you to do without that cigar in your lips. But do you really know how harmful smoking can get? If you don’t, then you should. In fact, smoking is so dangerous that you should have stopped smoking yesterday. Here are some of the reasons why you should quit smoking.

• Health Effects – smoking is the number one cause for most deadly diseases in the world. For instance, smokers have 40% higher chances of contracting diabetes 2 than nonsmokers. In addition, smoking causes cancer, heart diseases and high blood pressure. For those people already suffering from heart diseases and high blood pressure, smoking basically accelerates their deaths. This is because smoking leads to narrowing of veins making it hard for blood to flow as required. This leads to heart failures which in turn may cause death.
• Infertility – smoking leads to vasoconstriction. This is condition which narrows blood vessels making it hard for men to be sexually active because of low blood flow to genital areas. Smoking equally is dangerous for pregnant and child bearing women.
• Fatigue – The flow of blood in your body determines how much you can work. When you’re smoking, the flow of blood is restricted. This is because your veins and arteries are narrow. Because of this, your blood will not circulate normally thus leading to fatigue. You will therefore not be able to undertake your daily activities normally.

What if you cannot stop smoking?

Sometimes though, it is hard to quit smoking. This is because smoking is addictive making it hard to stop immediately. The problem then is what option should you take?

The best option to take is starting to consume e-cigarettes. E-cigars are technologically developed flavors that can help you stop smoking. The good thing about ejuice is that it enables you to continue consuming your favorite flavor while helping you to quit smoking.

Benefits of taking e-cigarettes

• No negative health effects – as opposed to smoking, mechanical mod vape don’t pose negative health effects. You don’t have to worry about contracting cancer, diabetes 2, heart diseases and high blood pressure when taking e-cigars. This means that you can enjoy for longer without risking your health.
• No Smoke – Ordinary cigarettes produce a lot of smoke. This smoke is harmful not only to your health, but also to your loved ones. In fact, smoke can affect your unborn baby, your small baby or teenagers. This means that you will be restricted to smoke at certain hours of the day when kids are not at home. If you smoke when your kids and other family members are present, their health will be compromised. Ejuice on the other hand is smokeless making it easy for you to enjoy at any given time.
• Different flavors – There are numerous flavors to pick from e-cigarettes. You don’t have to restrict yourself to flavors that your heart and mind don’t like. This makes e-cigarettes the best choice for you and your family.
• Helps you to quit smoking – E-cigarettes provides that much needed alternative to smoking. E-cigarettes help you to forget about tobacco as you adapt to your new lifestyle. In the long-run, you will be able to forget tobacco totally and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Eat Your Veggies, Or Else!

“If you don’t eat your veggies, you’re going straight to your room!” Does that sound familiar? For us, it was a nightly occurrence. Fighting with our little ones to eat their veggies was a daily battle. The worst part about it was that we KNEW it was what was best for them, but we also knew that veggies do not taste nearly as good as mashed potatoes with cream gravy! Ah the predicament – give in and let the kids eat what they want or force the issue and perhaps create a long term eating disorder.

The hubby and I have been debating this very subject for so long I can’t even remember when it started, probably when the kiddoes first started eating solids. Thankfully we have come to a perfect solution! And a compromise that even the kids are happy with! It all happened by happenstance. I was surfing the web and stumbled across a friend that had started a smoothie fast. She was talking about how great she felt and the weight she had lost. I started researching this for myself, because I knew I could use a bit more energy and my pants were starting to feel a little tight. After reading up on the nutritional benefits of raw fruits and veggies, and researching and finding the best blender for smoothies on a trustworthy review site, I pulled the trigger and started blending.

After the first few trials (and errors!) I had this smoothie thing down! What was amazing to me, was how delicious these drinks tasted. I knew what went into them, raw kale, spinach, wheatgrass, strawberries, etc. but what came out was a delicious cocktail. Finally, one night one of the kiddoes asked to try it. I was hesitant to let them because I knew how much they hated veggies, but I said “what the hey” and let them take a sip. Lo, and behold – they LOVED it! I didn’t tell them what was in it, but I’m pretty sure if I did they wouldn’t have cared!

Since that night, I’ve been incorporating smoothies into daily breakfast and lunch snacks. Finally, we have found a solution that we can all live with! The kids are eating their veggies (actually, they are eating raw veggies which are even better for them). And we are no longer stressing over dinner. We still try and incorporate green beans and broccoli into their dinner, but there is much less pressure for them to eat them. Which, coincidently has made them willing to try their dinner veggies without a fuss. Reverse psychology, perhaps?

At any rate, if you are struggling with your kids to eat their veggies (or fruit) I highly recommend you try the smoothie route. If you don’t know where to begin or don’t own a blender, just go to The Real Blend to find the best blender for your family, google some smoothie recipes that you think the kiddos will like, and just start. At first, you may need to add more fruit than vegetables, but don’t worry in time you can definitely change that ratio to include more veggies. Then, sit back and relax knowing your kids are getting tons more nutrients in their diets and you no longer have to fight with them at dinner!

What is a Push Present? Do I Need to Buy One?

A few weeks ago, we discovered a funny little tradition in some cultures called a push present. Having never heard of them before, we decided to do a little research to see what it’s all about.

Push presents are the gifts that husbands (or partners) give their wives as a token of appreciation for carrying and delivering their baby. This gesture is hotly debated amongst new parents. Some people feel that giving a gift is appropriate and certainly appreciated. Pregnancy is not easy on the soon to be mother, and delivery is likely to be the hardest experience in her life. A gift is nothing more than a gesture to say I love you and thank you. On the other side, there are plenty of people who feel a gift is a waste of money and not needed or expected. Women who agree to get pregnant know what they are getting into, and they do so without any thought of receiving a gift. The strongest argument these people make is that at the end of the journey, they have a new beautiful little baby, and this is the best gift of all.

Some cultures are a lot more likely to give push presents. America specifically gives a lot of them. The size and expense of the present can vary quite a lot as well. On one end of the spectrum, Kanye West surprised Kim Kardashian with a $770,000 ring. Then on the other end, you have the much more common gift of a bouquet of flowers. Other common push presents include: jewelry with the birthstone colors of the baby or namesake jewelry, lockets, vacations, cars, or anything off her baby shower wish list that she didn’t receive. Many women actually prefer getting something they can use for their little one. A luxury baby item that they were not expecting, but can be put to good use.

If you’re thinking about buying a push present, there are a few things to think about. First of all, does the mother-to-be want or expect a gift? Many women would really rather not have their husbands spend the money. Let’s face it, babies are expensive anyway and any extra cash may be needed for diapers. Find out how the new mom feels about push presents. If she is opposed, and you still want to do something, think small and intimate like flowers. Now if you know the mother is all about gifts and will expect a push present, your options are only limited by your imagination and your budget. Most of us can’t spend $770,000 on a ring, but it is not hard to find the perfect gift within your budget.

There are also times when someone other than the husband wants to give a gift. Your relationship to the mother will play a big role in what to buy her. If you’re close, and intimate gift would be perfect, but if you are a friend who just wants to do something nice, it’s always a great idea to buy diapers or make a freezer meal for those weeks post-partum when she doesn’t want to cook!

Whether or not you decide to give a push present, make sure you think about them and know how the mother to be feels about them.

Family – Online Education, Parenting and Lifestyle Tips

Families play a direct and lasting role in the life of a child, especially in terms of education. Parents and siblings are known to have significant impact on the learning ability of a child as well as the development of their social competence. When families get involved, research shows that students are able to achieve more and will exhibit a positive attitude towards studies as compared to student whose families do not get involved. Family involvement in a child’s education is able to improve both their attendance as well as their grades. The support of a family is able to make students more comfortable in new settings. The school administrators are looking for more ways to engage parents and families in ways that prove to be beneficial for the school as well as for the development of the child.

Schools are able to use several different mechanisms from the start in order to involve the family with the progress of the student. This can include telephone conversations, visits to the home, parent teacher meetings, notes, workshops and other types of regular one-on-one communication. This will allow both the families to know how the student is doing and will give the education provider an opportunity to understand the family lifestyle of each student so that they can analyse how beneficial it is for the student in question.

It has been proven that if a family is involved in the education of a child, then that particular school will outperform similar schools where families are not engaged as much. Family engagement is known to improve morale of the teachers and allows the school to have a better relationship with the local community. A new trend has emerged with on-line education as a supplementary form of traditional education. In these scenarios children are able to practice mathematical, grammatical and other core skills from pre-defined curriculum set-up by online businesses. That being said, its not all about making money, there are many free resources that help educate children and adults online, from sample worksheets to online reviews, to product ratings and other similar forms of information aimed at helping families. As an example if a child was looking for a new musical instrument they could search for reviews by brand of the particular instrument to find resources to help make a decision. Similarly if a parent were to look for a new pressure washer or car cleaning equipment suitable for children to use to help around the home, learning about work ethic they could find suitable resources.

There is a need to remove the barriers that exist that prevent family involvement. These barriers are usually social and particularly apply to low-income immigrant families, or minority working class families. These could be in the form of language differences or work schedules, which could result in lower engagement with the schools of their children. This could also be in terms of differences in learning styles at school and at home and requires review to understand it in depth, the same principle as understanding the features of a product. Perhaps in some instances, families are unable to afford the same equipment for a child’s education that he used in school such as a computer or other educational learning devices and machines. There is a need to find suitable ways to remove these and involve all families in the education of the child in order for them to grow more.

Another important aspect that has an influence on the child’s development and social skills is the lifestyle of the family. Family lifestyle can be defined as the way a family lives and coexists with each other regularly on a daily basis. It is important for the development of both the child and the family that the general lifestyle in the house is healthy. This health refers to both physical and mental health. It also involves the way a family eats and how they exercise. A great way to get children being active around the home is via household chores that are both fun and physically demanding. I know of some families that have even purchased equipment to try and entice the children to get involved and they also feel a sense of pride and trust that their parents are willing to let them have a go. One example was where the family purchased a pressure cleaner that the children were responsible for, they had to maintain it, set it up and put it to the correct settings when the family washed the boat together. Whilst the parents ended up having to train the kids and help them to start with, the level of ownership provided great learnings for the children. It also incorporates social interaction and the way families communicate with each other and the way that they as a unit interact with other people. Online web sites helping people communicate with one another and research details to help with a purchase are a good example of this, if social media can be replicated in the home it can aid in the childs development.

Unhealthy family lifestyles can have a negative effect on the general overall development of the family unit. A family where one or more parent is abusive or is prone to getting angry and violent is a representation of an unhealthy lifestyle. A family where a member has a substance abuse problem also falls in the same category. These types of family situations have a general overall negative effect on the attitudes and behaviour of members of the family and if these are not addressed or changed, they can lead to bigger problems down the road.

How to Get Children to Brush Their Teeth Regularly

It’s no secret that most small children absolutely hate brushing their teeth. It can be very difficult to get them to do, even for the most effective and well-respected parents. And even if you get them to brush there’s still the issue of getting them to do so correctly. It’s important not only to brush regularly but to do so accurately and completely. Not brushing at all is obviously not healthy, but brushing improperly can be very destructive and harmful as well. As such, it’s important to help your children not simply establish a tooth brushing routine but a dependable brushing and flossing process as well. That would be a demanding task for most parents, but there are some simple tricks you can employ to get your kids more excited about brushing their teeth. Following these techniques can help ingrain strategies that your child will be able to utilize for the rest of their life. And remember, taking a young child to the dentist regularly is just as vital as doing the same with an adult, so be sure to visit an accredited dentist with a program directly serving the needs of children like Toledo Dentist, Dental Health Associates.

Be Upfront With Them, But Embellish a Bit: You can tell your kids about the harmful effects of not brushing all day and it still probably won’t make them want to do it. However, if you embellish and dress up the facts a bit it can make them more engaged. For example, instead of telling them that an improper brushing technique can cause germs which cause tooth decay to build up in the mouth, tell them that if they don’t brush bugs will enter their mouth and drill holes in their teeth. Colorful language can jumpstart a child’s imagination and make them more likely to follow through.

Make it Into a Game: When you’re first trying to teach your child to brush, make it into a game. Have a “race” with your child to see who can finish brushing first; making sure that your child does for at least two minutes. Try to see who can talk or sing more clearly while the brush is in their mouth. See who make more lather or bubbles while brushing. There are plenty of little games you can play. The more fun you can make the process of brushing the better.

Incentivize Brushing: This is a dangerous road to go down, because you don’t want your child only brushing for the reward. You want them to learn that it’s an important thing to do with or without a prize at the end of the path. However, the trick is to offer long term rewards. Don’t give them a reward every time they brush their teeth. Tell them if they brush their teeth correctly for a week they’ll get a reward. If they do that, tell them they’ll get another reward if they brush them properly for two weeks, then a month, then three months, then a year. Keep pushing the date further and further out and eventually they’ll simply be brushing their teeth every day for no reward at all.

If it’s hard to get your child to brush, consider these tips. They just might make a tremendous amount of difference. And be sure to take your child to visit a competent, youth-friendly dental practice similar to Dental Health Associates on a regular basis.